Being holder of company stocks makes you the owner of that company according to your share. If the company wins, you win through the distribution of dividends or the increase in the price of the share. But you can also lose if the company's trading price falls.
We guide you in the purchase and sale of shares according to your risk profile.


Buying a bond is like lending money to a company that has issued that financial instrument to finance itself. For this "loan" the company periodically pays those who acquired the bonds an amount of interest. Once acquired you can also earn money if the price of that bond goes up and you sell it.
We advise you in the purchase and sale of bonds.


It is like taking a short-term loan in which you place the shares that you have as collateral. Normally those who resort to this transaction do so to buy shares, which enhances their profits when the price of this share rises because once sold, the report is paid having obtained a profit margin without having used their own money, but in debt. However, there is a risk of greater loss if the price of the shares you buy and / or those under warranty go down.
We advise you in the reporting transactions.


We advise companies to obtain financing through public or private offers according to the needs of the client and market demand. Our commercial platform has excellent relationships with institutional investors and high net worth individuals that demand short-term instruments and bonds. We also develop different types of consultancies including: Valuations, Public Acquisition Offers ("OPA"), Fairness Opinion, among others.


We manage the acquisition of securities in the market according to our customers’ risk profiles, also applying the corresponding periodic rebalancing.

Thanks to our team of Investment Specialists and Trading Desk, we have access to all equity markets and debt instruments. It also allows us to monitor the development of the strategies implemented, so that each client is aware of the results of their investments in a periodic and personalized report.


We understand that you can have your in different banks and that is why doing your currency exchange transactions with us is convenient for you. If your transaction is higher than US $ 5 thousand, with one call you can ask us currency exchange without the need of letters or transactions for each entity. Once you are a customer, with a call is enough.


The Superintendence of the Securities Market (SMV) is the regulator of the securities market. The supervision of the SMV does not imply that the latter recommends or guarantees the investment made in the portfolios managed by the Diviso Bolsa.

  • Aviso Legal

    Se informa que los datos proporcionados a cualquiera de las empresas del Grupo o sus Socios Estratégicos, listados abajo (en adelante la “EMPRESA”), quedan incorporados al banco de datos de clientes de la EMPRESA. La EMPRESA utilizará dicha información para efectos de la gestión de los productos y/o servicios solicitados y/o contratados (incluyendo evaluaciones financieras, procesamiento de datos, formalizaciones contractuales, cobro de deudas, [gestión de operaciones financieras] y remisión de correspondencia, entre otros), la misma que podrá ser realizada a través de terceros.

    Asimismo, el titular de los datos personales autoriza a la EMPRESA a utilizar sus datos personales, incluyendo datos sensibles, que hubieran sido proporcionados directamente a la EMPRESA, aquellos que pudieran encontrarse en fuentes accesibles para el público o los que hayan sido obtenidos de terceros; para tratamientos que supongan desarrollo de acciones comerciales, incluyendo evaluaciones financieras, la remisión (vía medio físico, electrónico o telefónico) de publicidad, información u ofertas (personalizadas o generales) de productos y/o servicios de la EMPRESA y/o de otras empresas del Grupo y sus socios estratégicos, las mismas que se encuentran difundidas en el portal de la Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores ( así como en el portal Para tales efectos, el titular de los datos personales autoriza a la EMPRESA la cesión o comunicación de sus datos personales, a dichas empresas y entre ellas.

    Se informa al titular de los datos personales, que puede revocar la autorización para el tratamiento de sus datos personales en cualquier momento, de conformidad con lo previsto en la Ley de Protección de Datos Personales (Ley No. 29733) y su Reglamento (Decreto Supremo No. 003-2013- JUS). Para ejercer este derecho, o cualquier otro previsto en dichas normas, el titular de datos personales podrá presentar su solicitud en cualquiera de las sucursales de la EMPRESA.